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Pawfect Delicious Papaya Treats

Pawfect Delicious Papaya Treats

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  • Helps prevent heart problems and atherosclerosis
  • Aids in teeth cleaning due to shape and crunch
  • Good source of magnesium and calcium, which is great for growth
  • Great source of fibre to improve digestion
  • A natural enzyme supplement
  • Obesity
  • Allergies and skin irritations
  • Low immunity
  • Liver/kidney disease
  • Poor digestion

A juicy and delicious dog treat packed with disease busting vitamins (A, E, K, & C), minerals and anti-oxidants. Referred to as “superfruit”, Papaya is high in fibre and contains ‘papain’, a digestive enzyme known for aiding digestion of proteins and soothing upset stomachs.

Papaya contains anti-parasite properties that may benefit dogs against parasites. If a dog has bad breath that is not attributed to poor oral health, the smell can often emanate from the stomach. It’s worth looking at the food being fed, but papaya definitely helps break down obnoxious gases and funny smells.

Papaya’s magnesium and calcium are beneficial for growing puppies and senior dogs because they support healthy bone growth as well as prevent heart problems and dangerous thickening of the artery walls. Simple, Delicious, Nutritious and Pawfect! Ingredients: 100% Natural Raw Papaya Dog Treats

  • 100% natural dog treats
  • Gluten and grain Free
  • No added preservatives or additives
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Ethically & sustainably sourced ingredients

Weight: 40g


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